The Original Malbec - Old French Vines


From the birthplace of the Malbec grape varietal, this wine is pure non-blended Malbec expressing all the original character.




The Appellation Cahors stretches along the meandering River Lot in the South West of France. With a temperate Atlantic climate, it has grown grapes since the Romans. The Malbec from Cahors, also known as the ‘black wine’, can be traced to the XIII century; it was a favorite of the Kings of France and later of the Czars of Russia.

We have selected old vines, 30 to 60 years, growing on the 2nd and 3rd terrace above the River Lot, where dispersed limestone rocks provide an excellent drainage




Malbec is a difficult and demanding varietal; only a perfect choice of timing for the harvest allows it to reach the ideal balance between maturity and acidity. Most Malbecs, from France or Argentina, are blended with other varietals such as Merlot or Tannat to compensate for less than ideal conditions.

Through the knowledge and dedication of our artisan partners, we offer you a pure Malbec aged 12 months on lees, that delivers the sensual and powerful character of the varietal.




Deep ruby red color with hues of purple.

The nose reveals fruit and flower aromas; a harmony of violet, black currant and ripe black cherries.

A long, supple mouth of black fruit and melted tannins delivers a smooth rich finish.